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go Growth of Renewable Energy from Waste to Energy across Europe in TWh

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http://www.brandstofprijzeneuropa.org/dii-3090 forex trading on news The Global Thermal WtE Market
Developed for commercial use by the power industry over 35 years ago, Thermal WtE is technology that has wide application around the world today.

  • Predominant waste management method in Western Europe (After recycling) and parts of Asia.
  • China has 50 Thermal WtE facilities, with a large push to build more utilising plasma technology
  • Europe has 431 sites and a large percentage of energy is now derived from this technology
  • In 2012, 24 energy from waste plants operating in England were treating almost 4 million tonnes of residual MSW and solid recovered fuel (SRF).
  • Norway sends under 5% of waste to landfill; the rest is recycled or used for energy.
  • Thru the elimination of the need for landfill and the use of thermal treatment and recycling Sweden imports waste to feed its thermal plants!
  • The US has approx. 120 plants. With some of the largest processing over 1200 tonnes of municipal waste per day creating over 77MWh and eliminating the need for landfill.
  • Japan is the largest user in thermal treatment of MSW in the world with 40 million tonnes per annum.

bitcoin address graph forex handel automatyczny In Australia

  • Australia is the lowest ranked country for recycling levels and WtE processing for GDP per Capita, equal to Slovenia.
  • Australians are the highest producers of waste per capita in the world.
  • Landfilling is increasing each year, passing 21 Million tonnes in 2007.
  • Using international projects as a guide approximately 80% of Australia’s MSW is available for the production of energy, representing approximately 50GJ annually without looking at existing landfills.