Plasma Arc gasification is considered the newest type of technology in the Thermal Waste to Energy field, even though applications of plasma arc have been commonly used for decades in industrial and commercial use.

Plasma Arc gasification uses very high temperatures to convert all types of waste; municipal, hazardous, commercial, organic etc into gas.

The Plasma torches use an ionized gas that conducts electricity at extremely high temperatures, dissociating virtually all materials into a synthetic gas called ‘syngas’ that can be stored or converted into electricity.

The only output, apart from Syngas, is an inorganic matter that can be reused in construction materials, there is no ash to be landfilled.

The heat generated in the process can be used for gasification, to ‘polish’ (clean) the Syngas and/or vitrify the ash product of the process.

The resulting Syngas can be combusted in a turbine or engine to produce electricity. There are no resulting emissions into the atmosphere. All by products are treated and reused.

Plasma Arc gasifiers normally come at a higher capital cost than traditional gasifiers, though have a higher net output of energy and lower operating and maintenance costs. They also take all types of hard or organic waste with out the need for separation.

gassificatin nplant

A Plasma arc system