This governmental organisation had an increasing issue with waste (Municipal, Biomedical & Hazardous) disposal and energy costs.

Following on from a Feasibility Study, it was decided to develop a Plasma Arc facility that would assist in reducing waste disposal and the need to buy electricity.

A fit-for-purpose system was designed, developed and implemented in 26 months, converting ~4,000 tons per annum into a clean and reliable energy source (2.1 MWh per annum).

  • The Two stage gasification process turns waste into electrical energy, metal and vitreous ash
  • Unsorted waste is fed into a graphite arc plasma furnace where the organic fraction of the waste is turned into synthetic gas (syngas)
  • The inorganic fraction is turned into vitreous ash, for use in building materials
  • The created Syngas is polished in the second stage plasma reactor, before being quenched with water to remove particulates, heavy metals and acid gasses
  • The cleaned syngas is fed into a combustion engine to produce electricity and thermal energy

gas engine

Example gas-turbine systems