Who we are

The core of EcoEnergy Ventures (EEV) is a passionate management team with extensive experience in energy and commercial project development.

EEVs directors are keen environmental advocates, have over two decades of commercial experience in Australia’s energy and environmental industries, and have developed and delivered energy projects nationally.

Our people include experienced engineers, scientists, business and project managers, all of whom hold advanced degrees and are leading experts in the development and commercialisation of Thermal Waste to Energy (TWtE) projects.

Flexibility, versatility, a wide knowledge base, and access to a wide variety of solution sets us apart from our competitors.

EEV invest in engineering personnel that have highly specialised experience in the energy industry in Australia and overseas, and can deliver within cost and on time.

EEV takes pride in excellence and satisfaction in innovation, our focus is on clean energy projects that are sustainable and commercially sound.

We are pioneering the TWtE industry in Australia. We bring to Australia the latest international innovations in TWtE technology.

EEV is a member of the Clean Energy Council, Waste Management Association of Australia and the Australian Institute of Energy.

Why us?

  • We have over 20 years experience in Energy
  • We are a qualified and experienced project and business management team
  • Provide a technology-agnostic approach
  • We focus on stakeholder and community engagement
  • We have a commercial focus to compliment our green lean
  • Partners with proven technology providers

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Did you know?

Australians are amongst the highest producers of waste in the world.

Australia is the lowest ranked globally for GDP pre capita recycling levels and W2E processing, equal to Slovenia for recycling levels and WTE processing. Yet Australians are amongst the highest producers of waste per capita in the world, producing over 2 tons of rubbish per annum.